New Longleaf data platform /work

Longleaf users are invited to be an early adopter and move to a new Longleaf data platform that will replace /pine in the coming months.

Details on /work storage

The file system is mounted as /work

Your directory will be: /work/users/{o}/{n}/onyen

Files on /work will not age out; they will not be deleted based on age as they are on /pine

However, this file system is intended for data actively being computed on, accessed and processed by systems such as Longleaf. For inactive data, please move it to /proj - please contact us if you have no place or insufficient quota to move inactive data off of /work.

Your quota on /work will be the same as it is on /pine

Please use a data mover node or partition to copy or rsync data to /work

/pine access will be maintained for a limited period of time; please delete your files from /pine once fully transitioned to /work.

To request access please email with your onyen


Last Update 4/25/2024 3:37:55 AM