Setting Email Preferences

The VCL can send email notifications for events such as when reservation requests are ready, when they are about to expire, or when a reservation fails for some reason. You can elect to receive these emails or not receive them if you wish.

  • Click User Preferences
  • Click General Preferences
  • Select the radio button next to Enabled or Disabled for email notifications.
  • Click Submit General Preferences button.

Setting RDP File Preferences

An RDP file is a settings file that can be used by Remote Desktop Connection to automatically open a connection to the reserved Windows computer. If you use the RDP file method to connect to your reservation, you can modify parameters used by RDP such as display resolution, using your computer audio, and mapping local drives to the reserved computer.

  • Click User Preferences
  • Click RDP File Preferences
  • Set the various parameters to the values you want.
  • Click Submit Changes button.

Note: When you map local drives to your RDP session, the path reference to them on the remote machine is prefixed with ‘\tsclient’. For example, drive D: would have the path \tsclient\d.

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