Materials Studio® is a software environment that brings the world’s most advanced and validated materials simulation technology to desktop computing, solving key problems throughout the R&D process. Offering advanced visualization tools and access to the complete range of computational materials science methods, Materials Studio is designed for structural and computational researchers in chemicals and materials R&D who need to perform expert-level modeling and simulations tasks in an easy-to-learn yet powerful environment. Materials Studio contains tools useful for applications in Crystallization, Polymers and Classical Simulations, Quantum Mechanics and Catalysis, and Statistics.

Operating System: Windows, Linux
Default Version: 2020 (Longleaf & Dogwood)
Installed Version(s): 2017, 2017R2, 2018, 2019 2020 (Longleaf, Dogwood)

Installing Materials Studio on a Windows Machine

Materials Studio is a Windows executable. Research Computing provides the installation binary for users of Research Computing servers:

  • The binary for Materials Studio can be copied from Research Computing clusters to your Windows machine from:

Once the binary is downloaded, double-click the file to unpack the installation executable.

  • Run the Autorun program in the unpacked directory to start installation.
  • Once Materials Studio is installed, make the license manager point to the following license server for campus users:,, port number: 1715.
  • More information regarding installation of Materials Studio can be found in the README_Materials_Studio document in the upacked installation directory.


  • It is possible to run CASTEP and DMol3 in parallel on both Longleaf and Dogwood. If you are interested in running either of these programs on the Research Computing clusters, please contact the Research Computing group at and we will assist you with using this software in parallel.


  • Materials Studio main information page and application areas from BIOVIA.
  • Details of programs installed in Materials Studio from BIOVIA.
  • Case studies of applications of Materials Studio applied to a variety of fields.
  • Information regarding training for Materials Studio offered by BIOVIA. Research users will sometimes receive emails regarding BIOVIA training for Materials Studio offered specifically for UNC. Email for questions.

Additional Help

Research Computing home page


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