Information on getting started with Open OnDemand is available at Open OnDemand.

To make effective use of available resources for important computational work, we need to balance resource consumption with demand for number of available sessions.

Working with sessions

Checking active sessions

If you loose connection to a session for any reason, before creating a new session, it is best to check whether you still have an active session. To do so, select "My Interactive Sessions" in the main menu. This page shows all your sessions:

My Interactive Sessions page

If a session is available to connect to, the Launch button will be present and selectable. Use it to reconnect to your session:

Launch session button

Deleting sessions

If you complete your work with a session before it expires, or need to discard a session and replace it with a new one (for example, to change its resources or because some aspect isn't working correctly), is it best practice to delete the session which is no longer needed. That is also done on the "My Interactive Sessions" page using the Delete button for the required session:

Delete session button


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