UNC Chapel Hill Portal Page for Mathworks

Use the link below to access the UNC-Mathworks portal page, a central spot to access Matlab resources.

This is a custom page provided by Mathworks for UNC Chapel Hill as part of our campus wide license. It is integrated into our shibboleth authentication system so you can login with your Onyen user-id. Mathworks also asks that you create any account with them if you want to download Matlab. This account should be under your UNC email address, not gmail or some other email address. This is a one time thing and which is free and simple to do. Portals provide a single location for downloads, activation, access to training, hands-on tutorials, resources for teaching and research, news, and much more.

To download Matlab and install it on your computer:

  • Do you already have a (free) account on Mathworks? If not, signup for one first:

    • Go to:
    • Clicking on the person silhouette at the top right of the page
    • follow instructions to create an account. The email need to be your UNC email.
  • Go to:

    • Log in with your onyen
    • Click “Get Software”
    • Click “Sign in to get started”
    • Sign in with your existing Mathworks account
    • Click the download for the version you want to download and install as you would install other downloads.
  • Also available in this portal:

    • Tutorials
    • Online courses
    • Teaching materials
    • More

UNC Chapel Hill Portal Page for Renewal

Use the link below and find the tab saying "Renewal Instructions".

Some Matlab Resources

Portal IT Help-Page Simplified instructions for downloading and activating MATLAB with the portal page.

Resources for Teaching-MATLAB

Digital flyer for faculty and instructors. Digital Signage Powerpoint

MAOTS poster

In summary:


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