Current status: /ms

Commercial cloud services are being used for cold storage of archival data moving forward.

Hardware serving the read-only file system /ms is end of life and in process of being decommissioned.

As of February 2024:
If you had 10TB or less of data in /ms/users, that data has already been migrated off of /ms on your behalf. It can be found in your new /users directory:

While ITS-RC will retain the copy of this data on /ms for approximately 3 months, you should consider this copy of your data (/users) as the only available copy.

If you had more than 10TB in /ms/users, or if you had data in /ms/depts, we will be reaching out to you to assist in reorganizing and rehoming that data. There are essentially three options:

  1. migrate to warm data tier (/proj, /users)
  2. package it up and move to cloud cold archive
  3. delete the data. We highly encourage deleting any data that can or should be deleted

/ms is read-only with limited mount points

Please contact us if you are unable to progress in your work due to a lack of storage with /ms being not available for you to self manage archival data.

Please contact us if you have 50TB or more of static archival data that can be packaged up and moved into cloud archive cold storage.


Last Update 7/15/2024 8:51:17 PM