Setting up the Environment and Invoking Discovery Studio on a Research Server via Windows Desktop

Note: You must be a “tcsh” or “csh” user to benefit from the full functionality of this package.

Before accessing Discovery Studio from Windows machines, you must download & install the connection software for accessing the research clusters with X11 forwarding on Windows. If you have already setup for Discovery Studio using the “module” command, skip to the last step. If you are not sure, use step 3 to confirm after login.

  1. Log into the computing cluster with X11 forwarding turned on

  2. At the xterm prompt, type the following command. Skip this step if you have done it before.

    module add discoverystudio
    module save

    module modifies the shell script in the home directory. The PATH to access Discovery Studio and all necessary environment variables are also set up properly.

  3. To check if your startup scripts have been setup for Discovery Studio, type the following command at the prompt.

    module list

    A line “discoverystudio” is shown which indicates that the environment for Discovery Studio is already set.

  4. After the PATH and environment variables for Discovery Studio are set up properly, Discovery Studio can then be accessed. At the Linux machine prompt, type a SLURM command to submit a job that will invoke the software. The “interact” queue will allow the program to run in interactive mode for 24 hours.

    sbatch -p interact  -N 1 -n 1 --mem=4g --x11=first ds

Additional Help

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